Many Tiny Things

Every big thing in the world is made up of many tiny things.

Air is many tiny things bouncing around everywhere

Water is many tiny things sloshing around

Normal-sized things are many tiny things stuck together

But we can’t see the tiny things without a microscope. They are too small, microscopic. We can only see the macroscopic objects the tiny things make up (and in the case of air, we can’t see it at all!).

This website is a series of explanations on how the tiny, microscopic things are connected to the big, macroscopic things that we can see, hear and feel. We will ask the question:

What are the macroscopic consequences of being made up of many microscopic things?

The explanations will include simulations of many tiny things, as you can see above. Not only are these simulations running in real time, they are also interactive. Try clicking, holding and dragging in the simulations above and see what happens!

When you are ready, click here for an introduction!

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